Venticinque, Salvatore

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Position: Associate Professor
Research areas:
Phone: (+39)0815010273
Fax: (+39)08150370


  • Aversa, R., Martino, B. D., Horn, G., Hallsteinsen, S., Venticinque, S. & Jiang, S. (2018). Smart communities of intelligent software agents for collaborating and semantically interoperable micro-grids. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 611, 834-843. [More] 
  • Amato, A., Aversa, R., Martino, B. D., Scialdone, M. & Venticinque, S. (2018). A simulation approach for the optimization of solar powered smart migro-grids. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 611, 844-853. [More] 
  • Amato, A., Scialdone, M. & Venticinque, S. (2018). Improving self-consumption of green energy using linear programming for reactive control of smart devices. Informatica (Netherlands), 29(2), 187-210. [More] 
  • Ficco, M., Amato, A. & Venticinque, S (2018). Hosting mission-critical applications on cloud: Technical issues and challenges. In, pages 179-191. [More] 
  • Ficco, M., Venticinque, S. & Rak, M (2018). Malware Detection for Secure Microgrids: CoSSMic Case Study. In, pages 336-341. [More] 

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