D' Angelo, Salvatore

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Position: PhD Student
Research areas:
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  • Ardagna, C. A., Bellandi, V., Ceravolo, P., Damiani, E., Di Martino, B., D'Angelo, S. et al (2018). A Fast and Incremental Development Life Cycle for Data Analytics as a Service. In, pages 174-181. [More] 
  • Di Martino, B., D'Angelo, S., Esposito, A., Cappuzzo, R. & Oliveira, A. S (2018). ROCK algorithm parallelization with TOREADOR primitives. In, pages 402-407. [More] 
  • Di Martino, B., D'Angelo, S., Esposito, A., Martinez, I., Montero, J. & Pariente, T (2018). Parallelization and deployment of big data algorithms: The TOREADOR approach. In, pages 408-412. [More] 
  • Bandirali, C., Lodi, S., Moro, G., Pagliarani, A., Sartori, C., D'Angelo, S. et al (2018). Parallel primitives for vendor-agnostic implementation of big data mining algorithms. In, pages 396-401. [More] 
  • Di Martino, B., D'Angelo, S. & Esposito, A (2017). A platform for MBDAaaS based on patterns and skeletons: The python based algorithms compiler. In, pages 400-405. [More] 
  • Martino, B. D., Esposito, A., D'Angelo, S., Marrazzo, A. & Capasso, A (2016). Automatic Production of an Ontology with NLP: Comparison between a Prolog Based Approach and a Cloud Approach Based on Bluemix Watson Service. In, pages 537-542. [More] 
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