An OCCI compliant interface for IAAS provisioning and monitoring

Venticinque, Salvatore; Amato, A; Martino, B Di
In the Cloud scenario provisioning and monitoring play an important role giving the possibility to maintain always the best resources configuration that satisfies the application requirements. Dynamic Cloud provisioning and monitoring allow for the possibility of getting resources in a way that is suited especially well to the business model of IT companies, which can adapt their costs to the current needs continuously and easily. A solution for Cloud resource provisioning and monitoring should also be vendor independent, platform neutral to choose the best proposal among a collection of business offers the widest it is possible. One of the first proposals of standard in Cloud is represented by OCCI (Open Cloud Computing Interface) that is a protocol and API for all kinds of management tasks. In this paper we describe a proposal of extension of OCCI to support provisioning, monitoring and reconfiguration. Furthermore we introduce Cloud Agency, a software platform that complements the common IAAS management facilities with a set of advanced services for dynamic provisioning and monitoring of Cloud resources.
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Negotiation; Monitoring; Cloud agency
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