Semantic Support for Log Analysis of Safety-Critical Embedded Systems

Venticinque, A; Mazzocca, N; Ficco, M; Venticinque, Salvatore
Testing is a relevant activity for the development life-cycle of Safety Critical Embedded systems. In particular, much effort is spent for analysis and classification of test logs from SCADA subsystems, especially when failures occur. The human expertise is needful to understand the reasons of failures, for tracing back the errors, as well as to understand which requirements are affected by errors and which ones will be affected by eventual changes in the system design. Semantic techniques and full text search are used to support human experts for the analysis and classification of test logs, in order to speedup and improve the diagnosis phase. Moreover, retrieval of tests and requirements, which can be related to the current failure, is supported in order to allow the discovery of available alternatives and solutions for a better and faster investigation of the problem.
Type of Publication:
In Proceedings
Embedded systems; Testing; Semantic discovery
Book title:
International Workshop on Real-time Big Data Analytics for Critical Infrastructure Protection
New York
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