CoSSMic smart grid migration in federated clouds

Amato, A; Aversa, R; Ficco, M; Venticinque, Salvatore
Abstract—Cloud computing is probably the simplest and best fitted way for improving scalability and flexibility of a smart-grid, however, migrating such critical data-intensive applications to the cloud is not a trivial challenge. For such applications, high security, resilience, and performance are non-negotiable. Therefore, in order to successfully host critical smart-grid applications and workloads, new cloud paradigms and mechanisms should be adopted to support greater security, resilience, and performance. In this direction, an initiative by the Second University of Naples aims at ensuring the critical requirements of data-intensity applications in a highly distributed cloud federated environment, in which smart-grid applications represent a relevant case study.
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In Proceedings
Brokering; Cloud federation; Critical applications; Smart grid; Computer Networks and Communications; Computer Science Applications1707 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition; Information Systems; Information Systems and Management; Modeling and Simulatio
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IEEE 30th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops, WAINA 2016
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