Simulation and Support of Critical Activities by Mobile Agents in Pervasive and Ubiquitos Scenarios

Aversa, R; Martino, B Di; Ficco, M; Venticinque, Salvatore
Many contexts of every-day life are characterized by pervasiveness and ubiquity of embedded systems. These features can be exploited to support people in different scenarios, such as emergency situations and post disaster management. In this paper, we propose an agent-based approach to assist and simulate human critical activities in such scenarios. We propose a rule-based solution, which is implemented as a decentralized solution, which delegates the verification of rules to independent mobile agents. Agents are software components that interact with neighboring objects and react on the basis of the surrounding context. Moreover, a simulation tool is presented. It is used to model the remote scenario by collecting of context information from the field. It supports the on-line monitoring of the ongoing activities and the prediction of future situations. We present an implementation of the proposed solution to support and supervise human activities in real scenarios
Type of Publication:
In Proceedings
Simulation; Pervasive environments; Ubiquitous computing
Book title:
10th IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing with Applications (ISPA2012)
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