Venticinque, Salvatore

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  • Amato, A. & Venticinque, S. (2016). Multiobjective optimization for brokering of multicloud service composition. ACM TRANSACTIONS ON INTERNET TECHNOLOGY, 16, 1-20. [More] 
  • Horn, G., Eliassen, F., Taherkordi, A., Venticinque, S., Martino, B. D., B├╝cher, M. et al (2016). An architecture for using commodity devices and smart phones in health systems, pages 255-260. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.. [More] 
  • Jiang, S., Venticinque, S., Horn, G., Hallsteinsen, S. & Noebels, M (2016). A distributed agent-based system for coordinating smart solar-powered microgrids. In Proceedings of 2016 SAI Computing Conference, SAI 2016, pages 71-79. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.. [More] 
  • Amato, A., Martino, B. D., Scialdone, M. & Venticinque, S. (2016). Adaptive recommendation to dynamically changing profiles for delivery of ubiquitous services. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, 13, 322-332. [More] 
  • Amato, A., Aversa, R., Ficco, M. & Venticinque, S (2016). CoSSMic smart grid migration in federated clouds. In IEEE 30th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops, WAINA 2016, pages 103-108. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.. [More] 
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