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University of Campania
University of Campania
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E-government aspires to deliver public services more efficiently, effectively, accessibly by IT advanced methodologies and technologies. However, there are a lot of challenges that needs to be addressed in order to enable a full adoption of state of art solution in public administration.

SSCeGov Project aims at proposing semantic-based Decision Support System that helps some of the core actors in adoption of such solutions in e-government processes.

The methodology relies on semantically annotated BPMN (Business Process Model Notation) and on inferential engines to support (i) e-government processes re-engineering and optimization and (ii) e-government validation, taking into account law compliance and risk analysis respect to (cyber-)security issues. The project aims at producing a prototype of the Semantic-based Decision Support System, that will be tested against real-world problems.
SSCeGov will rely on real-world case studies addressing eGov processes of Campania Regional Government, as stated in the interest letter from Campania Regional Council (Prot. 0004332/u del 05/02/2019).

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