Nacchia, Stefania

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Position: PhD Student
Research areas:
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  • Venticinque, S., Nacchia, S. & Maisto, S (2020). Reinforcement Learning for Resource Allocation in Cloud Datacenter, pages 648-657. Springer. [More] 
  • Venticinque, S. & Nacchia, S (2019). Learning and prediction of E-Car charging requirements for flexible loads shifting. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), pages 284-293. Springer. [More] 
  • Di Martino, B., Posillipo, A., Nacchia, S. & Maisto, S (2018). A Q&A tool to produce an Ad-Hoc OpenAPI specification to identify equivalent REST Api Services. In, pages 375-380. [More] 
  • Di Martino, B., Pascarella, J., Nacchia, S., Maisto, S., Iannucci, P. & Cerri, F (2018). Cloud services categories identification from requirements specifications. In, pages 436-441. [More] 
  • Di Martino, B., Esposito, A., Liguori, S., Ospedale, F., Maisto, S. & Nacchia, S. (2018). A fuzzy prolog and ontology driven framework for medical diagnosis using IoT devices. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 611, 875-884. [More] 
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