Aversa, Rocco

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Position: Full Professor
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  • Aversa, R., Branco, D., Di Martino, B., Iaiunese, L. & Venticinque, S (2022). Simulation and Evaluation of Charging Electric Vehicles in Smart Energy Neighborhoods. In Barolli, Leonard, Hussain, Farookh, Enokido & Tomoya (editors), Advanced Information Networking and Applications, pages 657-665. Cham : Springer International Publishing. [More] 
  • Venticinque, S., Di Martino, B., Aversa, R., Natvig, M. K., Jiang, S. & Sard, R. E. (2021). Evaluation of innovative solutions for e-mobility. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GRID AND UTILITY COMPUTING, 12, 159-172. [More] 
  • Aversa, R., Branco, D., Di Martino, B. & Venticinque, S (2021). Container Based Simulation of Electric Vehicles Charge Optimization, pages 117-126. Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH. [More] 
  • Ambrisi, A., Aversa, R., Ficco, M., Cacace, D. & Venticinque, S (2021). Intelligent Cloud Agents in Multi-participant Conversations for Cyber-Physical Exploitation of Cultural Heritage, pages 97-106. Springer Science and Business Media Deutschland GmbH. [More] 
  • Horn, G., Przezdiek, T., Buscher, M., Venticinque, S., Aversa, R., Di Martino, B. et al (2020). An Event-Driven Multi Agent System for Scalable Traffic Optimization. In Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, pages 1373-1382. Springer. [More] 
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